Refurbished Yamaha U3A Upright Piano


The Yamaha U Series upright pianos have earned a reputation for being a top choice among educational institutions, professional musicians, and discerning home pianists due to their high quality and reliable performance. Their consistent excellence in sound and craftsmanship make them a preferred option for those seeking an instrument that meets their demanding standards. The price of this piano brand new is currently in the region of £11,000.

At The PianoMan it is our duty to provide the customer with the best experience and range when choosing the right piano. Our refurbished U Series uprights all vary in age and sound giving each piano it’s own individuality and character. The tone is very much typical of the “Yamaha” sound, vibrant and dynamic but with a softness to it when playing pianissimo. Please contact for any further details.

Delivery Lead Time: 3-10 days (Depending on your location) We will call you upon receipt of your order to discuss the delivery process.

A 5 year warranty is included with this piano

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What Mark says

Over the last 20 years or so there has been a phenomenal amount of pre-owned Yamaha U-Series upright pianos reaching Europe and America. The origin of these is Japan where they have been used since new. Unlike Europe and America there has been very little demand for pre-owned goods in Japan due to their culture of always buying brand new goods.


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If you cannot visit, call us. We can mail order your upright piano anywhere in the U.K. Our specialist carriers work nationwide. Please ask us for more details.


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