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Digital Pianos

Digital Pianos

Being a real piano shop we feel that it’s important to offer our customers the very best digital pianos available on the marketplace. Our customers enjoy the opportunity of comparing them side by side with real grand and upright pianos. With this in mind, we have chosen from the worlds leading digital piano manufacturers Kawai and Yamaha Clavinova. The digital piano which used to be known as an electronic piano and which is sometimes referred to as a keyboard first came to the market place over 30 years ago. The instrument was designed to be an alternative to a traditional piano and not a replacement. Clearly, since the early days the digitals have improved tremendously and now the new generation of technology is formally accepted by leading authorities the world over. Digital pianos have a lower cost to traditional pianos, take up less space, never need tuning, produce other sounds and have many other useful features to assist with learning. And most importantly they feel like a traditional piano, providing that you choose certain brands of course. The digital piano actions are weighted which means that the keys are heavy, just like a traditional piano. This is something that your piano teacher will be most insistent on. The sound of a digital piano is created by technology called harmonic imaging or sampling. In other words, the sound is recorded from a live concert grand piano. Each individual note. The digital samples are stored and then used.

Digital Pianos

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